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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 12, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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and come see us maybe tomorrow night at the villages. thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled, the news continues, greta is next. >> greta: former speaker of the house newt gingrich is here to explain this: >> the president of the united states the most radical president in american history has now thrown down the gauntlet to the american people. he has said i run a machine, i own washington and there's nothing you can do about it. that's where we are. >> greta: speaker gingrich joins us live near washington. the most radical president in american history. >> i think that's clearly true. look at what they did with general motors and chrysler, taking money from the stockholders and bond holders and giving it to the unions. look what they did in ramming through the trillion dollar health bill. look what they are doing with a pay czar in the white house which is is an
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unconstitutional office that has an individual person who decides what banks should be able to earn. you have never seen this left wing, this interventionist this big government and in foreign policy, i think this misleading an administration. think by any reasonable standard this is far and away the most radical administration in american history. >> greta: the president is going to have another appointment to the united states supreme court soon. when he was in the united states senate and justice alito was up to be confirmed by the senate, he said that he thought that alito was intellectually smart enough for the job but his job was to look at the philosophy because he thought the president had assumed too much power. he didn't like the unchecked power of the president. >> he didn't like george w. bush and he didn't like conservatives. so far at least president obama has been willing to cheerfully give up
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virtually any campaign promise he ever made. we didn't get transparency, we didn't get c-span covering the rewriting of the health bill. raising taxes on the middle class. i think now that he's president he will think his choices are appropriate. my guess is he will attack republicans if they try to slow down his choice. we don't know what kind of a judge he will choose and whether it will be somebody who is very radical or reasonable. the fact that this is the most radical administration in history doesn't mean every single thing dough -- thing they do is radical it means on big areas they are for dramatic change for higher tax, more bureaucracy, more politicians controlling your life. >> greta: are the changes pretty much over? i realize taxes are likely to rise because we've got such an enormous economic situation we have to pay for something somehow. >> co-control spending. >> greta: but i -- but i don't
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anticipate with the stimulus bill, we've already spent a lot. >> in this kind of economy, competing with that and india, raising taxes is suicidal. it makes america less competitive, less productive, less capable of building new factories. it is suicidal. i would start from the opposite end. i would say that the -- first of all it is very clear that the president made a decision part of why i moved to a much more decisive critique in describing a secular socialist machine and the most radical administration in history. they a chance after scott brown won in massachusetts to back up and say, you know the polls are against the health bill, the town hall meetings are against the health bill, the tea parties are against the health bill now we've lost kennedy's seat over the health bill, maybe we ought to go slower. instead they did the opposite.
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took them about a week they said we are going to ram this through no hart what the american people think. no question from every source i know of from gallup, rasmussen, dozen others that the health bill is unpopular by 20, 25 point margin. they just don't care. next they are going to come back and try to pass cap and trade even though it is a gigantic energy tax. then immigration bill that most americans will oppose. i think you should expect to see them between now and the election passing more big government, more washington-centered activities and tell us we have an obligation to raise our tacks to pay for their spending. >> greta: all these different events happened that they have not been listening to. the one thing that struck me we scott brown was elected i heard from democrats who said now we realize that people are unhappy when there had been all these town hall meetings
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last summer and tea party movements. why aren't they responding? is there a sense they know better? or because they aren't listening? or they think the american people will come around to that viewpoint? some americans do agree them, i should add, but the ones that disagree them. >> i'm going to be in texas thursday with a tea party group unveiling their version of a contract for america. it is very clear that this -- first of all the henry waxmans of the world have genuine con felt for the american people. you look at wacman's reaction to at&t unveiling how much the health bill would cost it was almost asia -- >> greta: contempt or they disagree. you could be contempt and think -- you can so disagree and think the american people
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sent me to washington to exercise my judgment. >> if you look at the language they use the hostility they showed at town hall meetings. a democratic congressman asked somebody to prove they were a citizen this that district. from a party that normally doesn't care whether you are here legally or not, registered to vote or not. suddenly, they were under such pressure they quit holding town hall meetings. when your elected officials can't go back home, there is something wrong with the model of what they are doing. i think what they decided was, they were going to pass -- this was the high water mark of modern left wing thought they are not going to have this many seats again in the near future and they are going to drive through everything they can take a beating, but try to leave so much behind they will have accomplished their gel of moving the
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country towards a european style socialist, welfare state model. >> greta: in terms of the tea party movement, during the informal poll, are they disgruntled republicans disappointed with the party moving off to a different direction or are they independents, suddenly getting active or democrats? think they remind me a lot of the perot voters, educated, self-employed, a number of the mothers were home schoolers. very sincere people. every place i've been they talk about studying the constitution, having reading clubs, holding classes. i would say they are 60% republican, republican and independent. 40% democrat. the departments -- the democrats tend to be were reagan democrats, 10 to be more conservative, very alienated sensitive on economic issues. and i have not heard in my lifetime, as much talk about
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the constitution as i have in meetings with tea party leaders around the country. we had 55 people in louisiana from the louisiana tea party met with me thursday, the number of people who talked about what are our constitutional rights? what is the limit on government? what do the founding fathers say? what the left is doing is forcing the country into an education on a scale that i wouldn't have thought likely. >> greta: if you say that so many of them are like perot, isn't that fatal to the republican party? look what happened with perot and former vice president -- former president george h.w. bush. >> if republican leaders did not listen carefully and did not try to absorb and be involved with the tea parties then there's a big problem if you look at the michelle bachmann and governor palin had 11,000 people last week in minneapolis, they an enormous
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-- $700,000 in one evening. governor pawlenty was there, they clearly understood they needed to bring tea partiers and republicans under the same movement. i think if you are willing to work at it, you can do that i think there's a genuine feeling on the part of most of the tea party people they are sophisticated enough to know that splitting the vote gearan these pelosi stays as speaker and obama stays as president and reid stays as majority leader and they are willing to look over minor differents to make sure they beat those three. >> greta: why aren't republicans going over to the tea party? >> i think part of it is a matter of style. part of it is what people are actively involved in. if you are a republican precinct leader you probably don't become a tea partier. there are a lot of republicans who do go to the tea party events. where you have elections on a certain cycle, people got so
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and tated starting with the sim -- the stimulus package the beginning of this whole mess. the fact that obama could drive through 787 billion dollars of spenting with no elected official having read it. which is why i describe it as a machine. nobody has read the bill that's a machine that's not rep sieve -- representative self-government. that was a jarring event. since then it has gotten steadily worse. interesting more people are paying attention to process. how are these bills written? why are they in secret? why introduce 300 pages as an an amendment at 4:00 in the morning and vote on 3:00 the next afternoon. there's a lot more awareness of how they are trying to manipulate the system than i would have thought likely a year ago. >> greta: if you will stand by, in two minutes, speaker gingrich will have a special
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>> greta: we continue with newt gingrich joined by a very special guest his wife calista, from wisconsin also president of gingrich producings. here to talk about their new cook menry on pope john paul ii -- new documentary on pope john paul ii. i have to mention this plane crash. it talks about john paul ii going back to poland. you knew two people on the plane this weekend? >> we wereened to learn that two of the people we interviewed were on plane. one was a solidarity leader
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with lech walesa. she is in our movie she unfortunately was kill as well as the president of poland's chief of staff. our condolences go out to the polish people. get in watching the movie the thing that struck they, it is about john paul ii going back to poland for nine days. how poland lost the war twice first to germany in '39 and then to the soviet union. >> calista is half polish. i that i is part of what was touching for news making the film. it is really -- mainly a tragic history. the country disappears from 17 the 5, comes back in -- 1795, comebacks and occupied by the germans and soviets. the germans get defeated after a horrible occupies in which
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one of every five poles died. then the soviets take over. john paul ii, as a young man you are living through this. i think calista from the standpoint of her father and his family really had a sense of enormous sympathy when we were filming and the people we were interviewing. >> greta: pope john paul ii polish, did so much to fight the religious repression. then he became pope. who would have thought finally the italians were no longer popes any more. >> was the first pope ever in the history of the catholic church. the polish people were excited. all of a sudden twhaus something great happening to poland. he back to poland in june of 1979 and reengaged the poles with their polish culture. they have a very rich
10:16 pm
heritage. he made them feel good about being polish again and reconnected them to the catholic church. he gave them the courage to stand up and fight the soviet dictatorship. >> greta: what i didn't know which i learned in the movie he wanted two days in may. and the -- there was a lot of pressure from the soviet union to make that not happen. >> he wanted to go for the anniversary of the martyr dom and they said no, to honor a polish saint. they decided instead of two days in may he would go back for nine days in june. >> greta: how much credit to you assign to pope john paul i, in terms of democracy in poland? >> the key thing and the reason that calista and i decided to make this movie, is that when we did a film on
10:17 pm
reagan that you may remember we enter viewed lech walesa the former president, both said this visit was the key movement in beginning to break down the soviet empire. both said to understand what happened in the soviet empire you had to understand these nine days. >> it is a story of human liberation. revealing pope john paul ii's powerful message of freedom through faith. >> greta: so timely watching this for me to understand the poles and realize how important pope john paul ii was to them and how much they've achieved. and to go back to this plane crash over the weekend. >> the great tragedy is very significant percentage of the most pro american polish leaders were on this plane to go to honor those who had been killed in the forest by the soviets. it is enormous tragedy. one of the people is a polish
10:18 pm
newsman with us this weekend these were his personal friends it was aaj÷ devastating loss for the country. >> greta: where can someone get this many >> nine days that charged the also screenings at various catholic universities. catholic university here in washington tomorrow night. ava maria and georgetown university. >> greta: thank you both. former white house press secretary dana perino. sarah palin wants someone to call her. who? let the governor explain that one. rush limbaugh, you her of the new deal, how about the raw deal? rush limbaugh in his own words minutes away. [ male announcer bobbsinclair.
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>> greta: don't kid yourself the horse race is on. they may deny it big named republicans are getting ready to run for president. just the other day a straw vote at the southern republican leadership conference. who won? no one it was a squeaker. mitt romney and ron paul each got 24%. romney squeezing out one more vote than paul. sarah palin came in third
10:22 pm
tying newt gingrich who came in fourth. dana perino joins us live. they say they are looking at midterms, but it is a pageant for the 2012, is it not? >> a little. i think the day the 2012 elections starts the day after the 2010 midterms. >> greta: is it not a little skewed these numbers. they both hustled on this >> mitt romney wasn't even there. >> greta: he a lot of people. >> ron paul can organize people on the internet and through college campuses. his message resonates with people now. he's anti-big government. anti-a lot of government spending. that's where a majority of the people are now. >> greta: i'm surprised governor romney did as well many i'm surprised two issues don't haunt him the an --
10:23 pm
at debate he had with senator kennedy in the early 90s in which he said he was choice. the other is the massachusetts health care program. he fully endorsed it, signed it and now trying to back away. >> i think people are willing to forget the 90s debate abortion believing that he currently has a pro-life position. i think some people in america have gone back and forth as well. more and more people have become pro-life over time especially as science advances. obama care versus massachusetts care is a little more troubling. i think he will have a hard time getting over that remember, this vote in the southern leadership conference comes after his big book tour. he's been out there. he's obviously running. newt gingrich hasn't started running for president. >> greta: he comes in fourth, he got 18% with governor palin. i actually think out of all
10:24 pm
the candidates, the criticism in the democratic party, they are the party of no. speaker gingrich, i would keep my eye on him. he's been out there the past two years running this program called solutions. the whole thing is he has solutions. and that is going to be something that i think will be what people will gravitate towards within the republican party. >> i think you are right to say you should look at him. i wouldn't say just the past few years he's been about solutions. going back to '94 the contract with america which was solutions to help america advance in all sorts of different ways and republicans took over in 19 the 4. the republican party and -- in 1994. the republican party also want solutions and they can look at him and think he understands america. he is a historian, a scholar, he understands where we are
10:25 pm
coming from. the problem he might have is that identification with people at a level that a sarah palin or a barack obama can do. >> greta: and of course raising money. who can raise money, who can't. which brings me to governor sarah palin with congresswoman bachmann drawing 11,000 people. she has enormous star power. is she giving ideas or solutions or is she only criticizing? >> if you look at the speech she gave the other night it was full of great one-liners. they were very critical. she is drawing that contrast we talked about. elections are about contrast. here's what this person is for here's what i am for or what my matter is -- or my party is for. you can do that in a speech. but the question becomes then what are you for? how do you slain that? what is your pro active idea?
10:26 pm
we have to reach across the aisle and work with people if we are going to advance any solutions. newt gingrich has proven that he can do that >> greta: ron paul number one with governor romney, congressman paul, does he have a chance? >> remember, mitt romney doesn't show up, he has the organization to squeak out the vote and win this straw poll many ron paul did very well in terms of the internet he has a lot of popularity, however it doesn't translate into real votes and organization. >> greta: does he attract the tea party movement or does governor palin attract the tea party movement and now you have speaker gingrich said a minute ago he's going to texas to a tea party. >> it could be a little bit of all three? i think that is enigma and mystery people have in the tea party who are they and who are they going to support?
10:27 pm
in a way they are up for grabs. >> greta: they have people hustling for their attention. >> they are engaged, democracy is a participatory sport and they understand that >> greta: dana, thank you. next governor sarah palin wants someone to call her. who? she will tell you coming up. ever hear of the raw deal? you will, next. wow! that's a low price! i'm sorry. did you say something about a low price? wow! that's a low price! i know! [ male announcer ] staples. that was easy. but women have made olay regenerist #1. though not surgical results, regenerist is the #1 serum,
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>> greta: did former governor sarah palin just intkrs a candidate in the bloody senate race? governor crist and marco rubio are locking horns in a heated republican primary for the senate. sarah palin was asked about it. >> governor palin are you endorsing marco rubio? he's watching. >> greta: was that an endorsement we'll let you know
10:31 pm
rubio gives noor palin a call. do you think you are overtaxed? if you do you are not alone. ask rush limbaugh. >> nine years after the new deal, the unemployment rate in america was still 15 to 20%, nine years after. what are we being told now after obama's raw deal? we are being told expect 10 to 11% unemployment as the new norm. so we have a replication of fdr going on in a number of ways except being led by somebody that is even more radical than fdr and his crowd were. rasmussen, 66% of americans say they are overtaxed. remember obama was asked the simple question by an american citizen last week, she asked at a town hall meeting, if it was wise to seek more tax increases via his health care plan during a recession? she felt most of americans were paying enough taxes as it
10:32 pm
was. that's when he went into this meandering wandering, 17 minute answer to say he doesn't believe america is overtaxed. rasmussen conducted a poll yesterday that says, 66% of americans disagree with him. >> greta: steve moore joins us live the senior economic writer for the "wall street journal" editorial page. i'm not particularly surprise add that 66% of people think they are overtacked. >> 30% feel they are not. >> greta: people have always thought they were overtaxed no matter what the rates are. >> what is different is not just the federal taxes, obviously they are irritated about our federal income tax. not just payroll taxes. what is really going up a lot of state and local taxes. states have big budget imbalances now. they are raising all sorts of fees and taxes. >> greta: franchise, sales,
10:33 pm
gift, capital gains, gift, property, real estate, tolls! >> tolls, parking fees, speeding tickets are going up. anything to raise revenue. they are trying to now tax a lot of services, barber services, lawyer services. a new tax just to figure out on how much tax you owe because they are going to tack the tax preparation people. it is going up all over the place. people feel like they are getting nickeled and dimed to death. >> greta: the democratic party has to be worried come november. >> taxes are a republican issue. republicans always run against higher taxes. the income tax is interesting. the income tax hasn't gone up that much. all of these other fees they get you. property taxes, payroll taxes all these things are going up. next year capital gains tax going up, dividend taxes going up automatically. if you think this april 15th,
10:34 pm
is bad, wait until next year. >> greta: the government has to function at some point we have to have money if economy taken off, if the stimulus bill had been successful, there would be a significant amount of income tax, revenues so [ talking over each other ] >> greta: rather than trying to squeeze more tax money out of them give them so much work they are making so much they don't feel it going out the door. >> in the 80s when reagan cut tax rates significantly revenues went up every year we had 25, 30 million more people working. you are right the best guy get the budget balanced is put people back to work. >> greta: what can be done at this point to immediately increase jobs? not six, eight months from now, immediately. >> i go back to what i said for months.
10:35 pm
where do the jobs come from? the small businessmen people who hire, 25, 30, 50 employees. these are the people who are frightened. they feel like they are under seen from higher taxes, higher fees. >> greta: some had to lay-off people and can still function so why hire the people. >> that's right. businesses have become leaner. that's why corporate profits are up in the last six months. they are not hiring more people. they've become more profit age by downsizing. -- profitable by downsizing. fret get how? >> increase markets make it more profitable to expand. businesses having a tough time getting loans to expand. the banks aren't lending. >> greta: why aren't the banks lending money we bailed them out. >> good question. i think they are afraid of washington. the health care bill is a job killer, it has a lot of new taxes on small businesses. if you hire that 50th worker
10:36 pm
-- >> greta: china manipulated its so we have such a huge trade imbalance as a result they are selling more goods to us. there are all sorts of international problems. >> trade has been something that has been a significant positive job creator for the united states. >> greta: not a country we have a huge deal with is manipulating its courage . >> that is a -- its currency. >> that is a problem no question. the cap and trade energy tax if we do that what kind of situation is that going to put -- >> greta: unanswered because i got to go. after the show on the o'reilly factor. bill: al gore has avoided us for 11 years. jesse waters tracked him down. mitt romney on how he would defeat barack obama if he were running against him.
10:37 pm
>> greta: bill o'reilly at 11. next, another battle for the president. is the president about to be blocked by the u.s. senate? lamar alexander is next. could secretary of state hillary clinton soon be supreme court justice hillary clinton? we have a report ñyyup> sfx: cg ♪
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new york newsroom. >> reporter: developing story out of georgia. u.s. navy aircraft has crashed killing at least three onboard. the jet took off from florida earlier tonight. records say it struck a house before going down in a field 55 miles north of atlanta. the crash igniting a fire in the woods. search underway for a fourth person believed to have been onboard. >> federal investigators in west virginia. the scene of a deadliest u.s. mining disaster in four decades. between will begin probe once the bodies of all miners have been recovered. earlier in the day hundreds of mourners observed a moment of silence at the state capital. a wreath was laid honoring the west virginia miner. now back to on the record. >> greta: president obama and the russian president just
10:42 pm
signed a new strategic arms reduction treaty. the treaty needs to be ratified by the u.s. senate. >> that going to happen? moments ago lamar alexander went on the record. nice to see you. >> nice to see you greta. >> greta: last week the president was in prague and signed a treaty with the russian president. is it going to be ratified by the u.s. senate this year? no, not this year. this is a step nixon, reagan, first and second bush all have taken us. take us down to 1500 deployed nuclear warheads that ought to be enough to blow everybody to kingdom come if we those to do it. it took a year and a half. we have a lot of questions, we need the right answers then it might get 67 votes. >> greta: i realize you are in the minority party why not push it for rat -- for ratification, what did you
10:43 pm
need to know? >> it is not like the health care bill we want to read it. it takes 67 votes to pass. we den even get the whole thing until -- we don't even get the whole thing until may. we have the supreme court nomination. question need to know can we verify it? there has been new technology. well the administration upgrade our own nuclear weapons? can we still build our missiles of our own? there are a lot of questions we need to ask. it took 431 days to ratify the treaty in 1991, it will probably take the same amount of time to do this one. >> greta: i have a good understanding what will happen if it is ratified. suppose the!t senate doesn't ratify it, what would that mean? >> for right out in countries have agreed since the old one expired in december just to continue with the is going on between russia and the united states. a lot is going on. we are taking their old
10:44 pm
nuclear weapons and taking them to oakridge, tennessee in many cases, breaking them down to low level radioactive material that we can use in our nuclear power plants. president bush and this administration have continued with the old agreement until we can deal with this agreement. >> greta: we have a number of nuclear warheads that can blow us to kingdom come multiple times with this treaty weaken us in any way? do you foresee that? >> if it does, we shouldn't approve it. one of the principle things we need do is to make sure we don't weaken our ability to defend ourselves. . >> greta: how many warheads do we need? >> 1500 would be enough. the question is, are are they modern enough? we haven't upgraded our
10:45 pm
weapons system in a long time. two, will we know what the russians are doing? president reagan used to say trust and verify what was trust and verify in 1991 might be different in 2011 because of the change in technology. >> greta: is there any reason to believe that our existing warheads modern enough would not fulfill any purpose should the horrible, unexpected terrible event of using them? >> there's plenty of reason to believe that former secretary perry was on it, clinton's defense secretary who said we have real problems with our current nuclear weapons. they need to be upgraded. we need to make sure they are working. one of the principle things we want to make sure of is we have an ambitious program to make sure our weapons that we have work. while we are to reduce the number that we have. >> greta: how optimistic are you the president's nuclear
10:46 pm
summit is one that will van the united states' interests? there's some criticism that north korea and iran aren't part of it. understand able. secondly that india and pakistan doesn't seem to be a huge issue in this summit when those two have been at each other's throats and are both nuclear weapons countries. >> i think every american should want it to work. nuclear terrorism is a big issue. this sum smith on the right subject. we want it to be more meaningful than health care or climate change summit. would russia and china agree to reinstitute the idea of saying to iran, you don't need a facility to run a we are plan we'll rent low level uranium to you and take it back when you are through will pakistan agree to make more secure its facilities? there's some talk today the
10:47 pm
ukraine will give up its highly enriched uranium left from the soviet union maybe we can use it. i want it to work. we'll wait to see if it does. >> greta: use of nuclear power. i know you are a great advocate of this. why? >> this summit should take the time to look around the world and see that there are 16 countries building 55 new nuclear reactors and make is done in a doesn't create any problem. the way to did that would be the way south korea at united arab emirates have agreed to do. south korea enriches uranium to a low level enough for a power plant, very different from a bomb, rents it to the united arab emirates and when they finish with it, takes it back. we should be building a lot of nuclear power plants around the world we need clean energy.
10:48 pm
if we were going to war we wouldn't put our navy in moth balls and start using sailboats. since we need clean energy we shouldn't use windmills that's what we have been doing we've had a national windmill policy because we haven't built a new nuclear power plant in this country in 30 years. we invacinitied it, we should lead the world in it we could use this -- we invented it, we should lead the world in it. china is building one in every three months, it is done in such a way there is no risk where we confuse it with a nuclear weapon. >> greta: thank you. next, the best of the rest. is secretary of state clinton moving to the united states supreme court. is rush limbaugh leaving the country? a female knuckle ball pitcher.
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>> greta: here's is the best of the rest. hillary clinton former first lady, former united states senator, secretary of state. future supreme court justice? republican senator orrin hatch,
10:53 pm
a member of the senate judiciary committee is hearing buzz. >> i even heard the name hillary clinton today. that would be an interesting person in the mix. i happen to like hillary clinton. i think she has done a good job for the democrat secretary of state's position. and i have a high respect for her and think a great deal of her. >> greta: could it really happen? probably not. white house press secretary gibbs says the president is going to keep secretary clinton as secretary of state. it would be a great story throw, wouldn't it? >> pitchers are a rear breed. 18-year-old japanese woman has been signed to play professional baseball in the united states with the golden baseball league. she played professional baseball in japan is known for her knuckle ball. she is nicknamed knuckle princess. other players have jumped from the league to play major
10:54 pm
league baseball. we'll see if knuckle princess can make big leagues. >> you have probably seen the public service announce for the census. >> i still have not received the census form. i have not received a census form my entire adult life. and i still haven't got one. you got multiple forms? a friend of mine got nor and sent three back after spilling tomato juice on 'em. and filled 'em out identically. >> greta: rush didn't get a census form? does the white house think rush is leaving the u.s.a.? probably wishful thinking on their part. >> two penguins at the denver zoo teaching us a lesson. they adopt a baby chick after the chick's parents were unable to care for it. the new parents are keeping
10:55 pm
their adopted baby chick warm and feeding it. the economic is doing well. there you have it, the best of the rest. >> tiger woods on the dating scene again? somebody who has advice for the golfer.
10:56 pm
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here flash those studio lights, it's time. last call. tiger woods gets advice from joy behar. it's weird advice. >> do you know what? more people watch the masses than any of the time. and it's -- yes. and then, any other time. part of it is because of tiger. you know? people wanted to see how he's going to do. tiger didn't do badly. he came in fourth but didn't do as well as he wanted to. do you know what? there is another golf tournament. >> but you know there is... >> maybe he needs to start dating game. his game was so much better whaez dating. >> okay. no comment to joy's comment that. is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. thanks for joining us tonight. make sure you follow us on twitter, slash greta wire. keep it


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